Sigla RT100

Sigla RT100

luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Romanian Top 100: April 21

    This week we have another number-one single! We proudly announce that Elena Gheorghe ft. Glance score yet another smash hit in Romania, as their collaborative effort "Ecou" rockets 3-1 and becomes the new number-one hit of the Romanian Top 100!

    On its eighth week in the chart the song moves towards the top spot, surpassing the song "Iarna pe val" by Cabron ft. What's Up, Iony which falls off the top position after only one week spent there. "Ecou" is, nonetheless, just 10 spins ahead of the runner-up, marking the smallest margin of this year. With 456 plays per week, it scores the lowest spins for a single week since Nov. 2012, yet it still gathers 259 spins on the radio alone. Its total audience impression of this week reaches 6 million. Only "Diamonds" by Rihanna encountered a bigger audience, back in March. That song is currently at biggest free-fall of the week. 
But let's see what's the situation inside the top 10, this week:

1. "Ecou", Elena Gheorghe ft. Glance (up 2), 456 plays
2. "Iarna pe val", Cabron ft. What's Up & Iony (down 1), 446 plays
3. "Marabou", Antonia (up 1), 444 plays
4. "Pernele moi", Corina ft. Pacha Man (up 1), 370 plays
5. "Chiar daca ai plecat", DJ Rhynno ft. Sivlia (up 2), 341 plays
6. "Diamonds", Rihanna (down 4), 340 plays
7. "Dincolo de cuvinte", Smiley & Alex (up 8), 335 plays
8. "Thrift Shop", Macklemore / Ryan Lewis (up 3), 315 plays
9. "P.O.H.U.I.", Carla's Dreams ft. INNA (up 9), 310 plays
10. "Beautiful Lie", Sore ft. Mihai Ristea (up 10), 306 plays

    Interestingly, this week the total of radio spins was down by 63% from the last week. TV plays also suffered a decrease of 19,5%. Also, noticeable, the first half of the top 10 is completely made of Romanian tracks, while the entire top-ten only hosts two international singles, and a total of only four (4) English songs, plus another one at #4 which contains lyrics in English, too. The rest is 100% Romanian.

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