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Sigla RT100

miercuri, 10 aprilie 2013

Facts and stats: Rihanna

Rihanna scores her seventh week at number-one on the Top 100, due to encounter of 461 plays on radio/TV for the week-ending April 7 with "Diamonds". So, we count her top-ten most successful singles in Romania, so far.

10. "Don't Stop the Music"
The single off "Good Girl Gone Bad" reached number-three on the Romanian charts, one of her twelve top-five hits in our country.

9. "Russian Roulette"
The lead single for the artist's fourth studio album, "Russian Roulette" peaked at number-two for several weeks during Spring 2010, in the same time with "Rude Boy"'s reign at number-one. It was a number-one on the Radio Chart and it was also among the top 30 most played songs that year.

8. "Man Down"
"Man Down" was one of the biggest hits of summer 2011 in Romania, peaking at number-five on the nation-wide chart, while reaching the summit of the International Songs Chart  and Ringtone Songs for multiple weeks. It was covered by many notorious Romanian artists and became one of Rihanna's most known songs here ever since.

7. "Disturbia"
The "Bam bam bee dam" hook from "Disturbia" became one of the most beloved tunes in Romania, following the song spending one week at the top of the charts in Nov., 2008.

6. "Only Girl (In the World)"
The electro-pop tune became RiRi's fifth number-one and spent two weeks atop the charts.

5. "Love the Way You Lie"
"Love the Way You Lie", actually an Eminem ft. Rihanna collab, ruled the charts in Romania for three weeks in Fall 2010, and it was also a great summer hit that year.

4. "We Found Love"
Pairing with Calvin Harris, Rihanna sure got the ingredients for a worldwide hit! "We Found Love" reached number-two on the tally, being blocked by "I Follow Rivers" which spent more than three consecutive months at number one. But "We Found Love" became the longest-running number-two track that never hit the top spot. Also, it was the eighth biggest-hit of 2012 in Romania.

3. "Umbrella"
Of course, Rihanna's biggest-selling single is also on our top 3! Spending three weeks at number-one and becoming the greatest hit of summer 2007, we find it at number-three in our countdown.

2. "Rude Boy"
If you visited Romania during summer 2010, you would have seen all the buzz around "Rude Boy"! Every single speaker on every single beach, in every single holiday resort, was broadcasting "Rude Boy". Also, it spent five weeks atop the chart and became the most downloaded ringtone of that year in Romania.

1. "Diamonds"
And, obviously, at number-one we find "Diamonds"! Starting off slowly, the song only reached the Romanian top 10 in early 2013, but it peaked at number-one and settled there for seven weeks (and counting). It also topped every possible chart in Romania during 2013 (Digital Songs, Video Chart, Airplay Songs, International Songs, Ringtone, Streaming Chart, etc).

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