Sigla RT100

Sigla RT100

luni, 1 aprilie 2013

Do TV shows affect record sales in Romania?

     It was proven that contest TV shows, mainly music/dance related ones, affect the musical charts and record sales in countries like the US or the UK, but how do they affect our national record sales?
    A clear example would be the aftermath of grand international names performing live at Romanian TV shows on audience peaks in front of millions of people watching on their TV sets. One of these moments was when t.A.T.u performed their smashed hits "All the Things She Said" and "All About Us" last year in November, 2012 at Vocea Romaniei / The Voice. The following week, it was reported that "All the Thing She Said" entered the Romanian Digital Chart at number-one with 2,334 digital copies sold within 3 hours, a groundbreaking record. The song "All About Us" also re-entered the top 100 of the chart, right at number seventy-four.
    Also last year, in December 2012 on X Factor, Eurovision winner Loreen performed her pan-European hit "Euphoria", making it re-enter the top 10 of the digital chart, right at number-seven. She mashed it up with her relatively new single "My Heart Is Refusing Me" which entered the chart right at number-four.
    As for 2013, our clearest examples are from the newly introduced Romania danseaza (So You Think You Can Dance?) and during the third season of Romania's Got Talent. First of all, Got Talent contestant Anca Negrau performed a cover of Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever" as her impersonator during the auditions. Shakira's hit went from number ninety-eight right to number-two on the Digital Chart, exactly ten years after reaching number-one on the Romanian Top 100. For the live shows, Negrau also performed "Gypsy" (a song which was also #1 in the Romanian Top 100, though some take it as only being a #7 hit). After her performance, the single re-entered the Digital Chart right at number-seven, but also received substantial online streams from Romania, including on YouTube/VEVO. Also in 2013 the song "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce was danced to during the second episode of Romania Danseaza/SYTYCD. The song, thus, re-entered the Romanian Digital Chart right at number-three, its peak (in 2010 it only managed to enter the top five at number-four).

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