Sigla RT100

Sigla RT100

duminică, 8 februarie 2015

Brave newcomers for Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015

  Newcomer (and amateur) Stefan Alexandrescu aka Angel just placed his bid for representing his motherland, Romania, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 to be held in Vienna. If the song passes the pre-selection, we will hear it live at Craiova on March 8th, due the National Final. 
  The song is extremely stripped-down, it is a very raw and natural composition, as it only incorporates a guitar. The lyrics are very well-crafted and innovatory, urging the audience/listeners to 'sing along to [my] guitar' if they've ever dealt with heartbreak or sorrow. The song is indeed healing and self-empowering, although the verses allude to lamenting and longing for someone's unrequited love. 
  The vocals on the other hand, are not that good... at all. They are correctly delivered but we can barely catch an emotion from Angel's voice. He does have a unique and special timbre, but his voice is too raspy and it pleads for voice lessons. As soon as possible! Also, the echoing effect is highly exaggerated on this one. 
  All in all, we recommend the singer-songwriter to work on his future career, as he has a bright future in front of him, and it would really be a nice surprise if this interesting and different acoustic song gets through to the National Final. 
  Music: 7
  Lyrics: 9
  Voice: 5
  Total: 70% approval 

Will you be voting it, will it pass the pre-selection? 

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